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14 Classic, Unique, and Trendy Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween makeup ideas

Halloween, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Eve… the night for all things spooky, trick-or-treating, and transforming your appearance through costumes and makeup. There are people who want to go full-out with their look, be trendy, or just look classic and/or chic for Halloween. 

To help inspire your look this year, we’ve included various Halloween makeup ideas depending on what “look” you’re going for. 

Classic Looks


halloween makeup ideas witch
Sources: @cyborgbeauty (Left), @sofiablackthorn (Right)

Being that there are all types of witches, your options for makeup looks are endless. You could do a simple look with dramatic black or purple eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lipstick. Or, you could go traditional and transform yourself to look like the Wicked Witch of the West. With the latter, make sure you use a high-quality green body paint. 


halloween makeup ideas

Above is the perfect example of a simple cat makeup look. However, make the look your own. Play around with the eye shadow and liner, lipstick, whiskers, and face paint. You may also want to add some white paint to give yourself a more cat-like appearance. 


halloween makeup ideas
Sources: cflowermakeup (Left), Chrisspy (Right)

When it comes to creating a skull makeup look, it’s up to you whether to go full-out or do an easier look. If you want your look to be more intricate but don’t want to do a full face of makeup, you may opt for the half-face skull look like the pictured above.

Orange & Black

halloween makeup ideas

Orange and black, the two main colors that represent Halloween. Just by using these two colors in your makeup look, you will exude the Halloween spirit. To keep it simple, you just have to do your eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lips with those colors. To shake it up, you could add a pattern on your lips, bat or spider stamps on your face, or glitter. 


halloween makeup ideas

How you execute your Zombie look depends entirely on how extreme you want to go. For those who don’t want a major makeup routine, they will go with a simple ‘dead’ look by using white and black face paint or makeup. If you want to add some bloody aspects to your face, simply use red face or body paint. 


halloween makeup ideas

The key aspects to any vampire look – pale skin, black eyeliner, black and/or red eye shadow, red lips, and fangs. You want your facial features including your lips, eyes, and cheekbones to be extenuated and stand out. 


halloween makeup ideas
Sources: @imanechawkii (Left),  Make-Up Artist Me (Right),

If you’re short on time, a devil makeup look can be really easy (example pictured on the right). However, if you do have time and are invested in looking like the devil, don’t skimp out on your look. Cover your face and neck with red face paint, use black and red eye makeup to make your features stand out, and don’t forget the horns! 

Character Looks


halloween makeup ideas
Source: @elektra_amber

Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas will and always be a great character to dress up as on Halloween. The blue face paint, stitches, red lips, and long eyelashes. If you are unsure of the supplies you need, there are many Sally makeup kits online that contain everything for the look. 


halloween makeup ideas
Sources: Marmaletta (Left), Andreyha Seraphin (Right)

The Joker has always been a popular character to portray. It has recently rose in popularity due to the films Suicide Squad and Joker. However, as many fans know, these movies and others show the Joker in very different ways. 


halloween makeup ideas
Source: @sarahmcgonagell

Many kids growing up today probably wouldn’t know who this character is. However, with the recent Broadway run of the Beetlejuice musical, it is starting to become a trending Halloween character and costume idea again. To capture the look of Beetlejuice, you need to have ghost white body paint, black and/or purple circles around your eyes, green face marks, and greenish white hair. 


halloween makeup ideas

If you want a dramatic makeup look for Halloween, Ursula is a great character to portray. Purple skin, blue eyeshadow, high black eyebrows, and red lipstick. Add the whole look including the white hair, black dress, and of course her signature shell necklace, and all merpeople and humans will cower before you. 


halloween makeup ideas

Avatar the movie first came out 2009. Since then, filming of the Avatar sequels has begun and the franchise now has its own land in Walt Disney World in Florida. The film is a modern-day classic for all science fiction lovers. However, the whole makeup routine to turn yourself into a Na’Vi will take some time and effort as your skin will have to be all blue. 


halloween makeup ideas

There are two Maleficent looks you could base your makeup on. There’s the Maleficent of Sleeping Beauty (1959) with green skin, red lips, purple eyeshadow, and dramatic black eyebrows and eyeliner. Then, there’s the most recent incarnation with Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent that’s a lot simpler. To pull off that look, you need a pale or white foundation for your face, contour to sharpen your face features and cheekbones, brow pencil to create full, dramatic brows, brown and/or black eye makeup, and red lipliner and lipstick. 


halloween makeup ideas

If you want to look like a scarier character rather than be cute, Pennywise is a great character to choose for all genders. This character has definitely retained its popularity over the years, especially with the new 2017 and 2019 films. 

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