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Claire’s Black Friday 2018

Claire's Black Friday

Claire’s Black Friday

Almost every mother has taken their daughter to Claire’s at some point. Either to get the best lip balms or the perfect hair accessory. The store is targeted mostly towards pre-teens and teenagers with their silly patterns and bff scrapbooks. My daughter and I love going to Claire’s Black Friday because they have great deals on presents for young girls at affordable prices. This year, Claire’s has 50% off on almost everything. Let’s get shopping, but first, read this guide.

1. PopSockets – $12.99

Claire's Black Friday
The latest craze for kids from what I have seen is PopSockets. PopSockets are a rubber attachment that sticks to your phone and makes it easier to hold it. This is actually a smart gift if you recently got your child a phone. Having this attachment makes it easier for kids to hold their phone and text or play games. All while making it safer to be on your phone. My daughter loves the ghost emoji one. I might pick up the galaxy one for my son this year.

  • Ghost Emoji design
  • Phone grip and stand
  • Material: Plastic

Purchase here.

2. Mega Makeup Sets – $14.99

Claire's Black Friday
Most girls start becoming interested in makeup around those pre-teen years in Middle School. Instead of buying higher-end brands since they’re so expensive, bring your daughter to Claire’s Black Friday. They can search for different shades of eyeshadow and lip balm for less than 20 dollars. As the parent, it’s up to you if you feel comfortable with your daughter wearing makeup or not.

  • Mirror Inside
  • Includes: 40 eyeshadows, 10 lip glosses, 2 applicators
  • Materials: Powder/Cream

Purchase here.

3. Sleeping Mask – $8.99

Claire's Black FridayOn Claire’s Black Friday, if you shop items in the Cuddle Club, it’s buy 1 get 1 free. Of course, all the accessories have cute animal faces, what child (or parent) could resist that? When I was my daughter’s age, the obsession with Hello Kitty was real. I had a backpack, a lunch box and headbands with that on it. But now emojis have taken over and kids find that more interesting. For the holidays, you could buy an animal sleeping mask for your daughter, and even one for yourself.

  • Faux Fur
  • Elastic Back Strap
  • Material: Polyester

Purchase here.

4. Glitter Lip Gloss – $3.99

Claire's Black Friday
Claire’s has always been known for having cute products and designs, especially for their lip balms and glosses. This has been a staple in their store long ago when I was a pre-teen. I used to get the Root Beer flavored lip balm, 12-year-old me thought that was so cool. And now my daughter loves anything with glitter or sparkles in it. At a price point of $3.99, this would make a great stocking stuffer for my daughter. I might have to get more than one.

  • Flavor: Cotton Candy
  • Length: 2″
  • Material: Cream

Purchase here.

If you think someone in your life would love any of these adorable gifts, then head to Claire’s Black Friday this year. I suggest stocking up on gifts for the year ahead, whether its gifts for your daughter’s friends birthday or a Christmas present for your niece. You can’t beat Black Friday prices so you might as well get your holiday shopping done. We all secretly or not so secretly love shopping during the holidays and getting great deals. I hope you enjoyed reading these fun gift ideas!

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