5 Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

Planning a vacation this year with your lifelong buddies, but not sure where to go? How about with your family, or a new group of friends? If you haven’t known someone for all that long, just be sure to run a criminal background search on them before you hop on a plane with them. Packing up and going away on vacation isn’t always easy, and it’s almost never cheap, either! But we’ve discovered some of the best cheap travel destinations on almost every continent.

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5 Cheap Places To Travel With Your Friends, Family, And Loved Ones:

1. Toronto, Canada

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

This year, across the board, Canada is one of the hottest cheap travel destinations. Why? Because of the currency exchange rate. As of late, the Canadian dollar has been fluctuating. While it’s expected to rise by the end of the year, now’s the perfect time to visit any of Canada’s cities. Toronto in particular is the largest one, with tons of art, entertainment, culture, and breathtaking skyscrapers, such as the CN Tower.

2. Machu Picchu, Peru

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

For being voted one of the New7Wonders of the World, you’d expect Machu Picchu to be a lot more expensive. But it’s not! You can find lodging accommodations starting as low as $20 per night. And you’ll enjoy Peruvian food that’s both authentic and reasonably priced. If you’ve ever wanted to see this legendary, South American city in person, now’s the time. You can also explore Peru’s other beautiful landscapes, or even take a day trip to Bolivia, its neighboring country.

3. Thailand

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

Among people of all ages, Thailand has become one of the most popular cheap travel destinations. And despite how many new tourists it sees every year, it still remains inexpensive. This country is great for both adventurous backpackers and travelers looking to relax, and pamper themselves. While Thailand is most known for its bustling capital, Bangkok, it’s home to many other incredibles cities, towns, and sights, too.

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4. Barcelona, Spain

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

While Barcelona definitely is luxurious, it’s also affordable. It’s one of the cheapest places to fly, from anywhere in the U.S. And once you land, there’s no shortage of inexpensive food to eat. Best of all, the cuisine is just as delicious as you’d think it would be. Plus, Barcelona has so much culture that there are numerous activities you can do without spending any money.

5. Morocco

Cheap Travel Destinations For You And Your Friends

Always wanted a chance to visit Africa? Consider doing it this year by visiting the North African city of Morocco. Aside from its stunning architecture and views of the Mediterranean Sea, Morocco is known for its inexpensive accommodations. It also has it all, from relaxing beaches to historical landmarks.


Generally, these are some of the cheapest cities and countries to visit, but there are so many other possibilities. For even more affordable places to travel, don’t forget to regularly check sites like Kayak and Expedia for unexpected flight discounts and sales. Plus, almost any vacation becomes more affordable when you stay at an Airbnb instead of a hotel or resort.

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