Celebrate National Girlfriends Day With These Memes

National Girlfriends Day

Today is National Girlfriends Day, a day for celebrating those amazing female friendships that hold your life together. As much as you love your partner, there are certain things you need your girlfriends for. Whether your having your monthly struggles (if you know what I mean), needing someone to vent to, or talk about problems with your partner. We all need that friend who understands and loves us, even if we eat a whole pack of Oreos in one sitting. So celebrate your friendships old and new.

What better way to celebrate than to send your friends some memes.

The Squad

National Girlfriends Day

How you and your squad will be rocking it 50 years from now. You know who those friends are.

Mrs. DiCaprio

National Girlfriend Day
What friends send each other at 2 am. Thought this was a great idea but who knows?

Being A Good Friend

National Girlfriends DayIs it annoying? Yes but you do it because you love them. And you hope they’ll do it for you too.

Pizza Please

National Girlfriends Day

Food is the way to my heart and the way to my friendship. So, let’s get some pizza ok?

Looking At Babies

National Girlfriends Day

Who doesn’t love LOVE cute baby photos? Especially when they’re wearing glasses and wigs.

Real Talk

National Girlfriends Day

When you’ve had your children names picked out since you were 14. I know I have a few picks. 

Appreciate Your Friends 

Sending a meme is a fun way to show appreciation for your friends this National Girlfriends Day. But make sure to tell your besties just how much you value them for listening to all your problems over coffee or staying on the phone with you on those difficult nights. And be sure to look out for them by checking the criminal records of their partners. In a world that can be tough and cruel, we need women to support each other in life, work, and friendships.

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