Run A Background Check Before You Go On Your Next Date

Are you part of the dating scene? Looking for the guy or gal of your dreams? Do you hit the bars, clubs, or bookstores and coffee shops in hopes of meeting someone? Or do you take a chance with online dating or the office or with friends of your friends?

No matter how you go about looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right (or Right Now), one thing remains the same … you never really know the person you’re talking to. Sure, they could seem like a Prince or Princess Charming, but they could also be a wolf hiding in sheep’s clothing.


The most important part of every dating plan

Picture it, you meet someone online or you get set up by a friend. You agree to a date at a restaurant or café. You’re probably nervous, but a little excited and spend the time leading up to the date planning things out. You go and get a haircut and a new outfit. Then you select the perfect restaurant or café to dine at. You even have a plan of what to do or where to go after the meal. But there’s one incredibly important thing that you probably won’t do: run a background check on the individual before meeting up.


background check bad date


Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Most people don’t think to look into the background of someone they’re going on a date with. First, it never crosses their mind. Second, if it does, it doesn’t seem right, because running a background check doesn’t exactly say “romance.” Thirdly, doing a background check on someone is for criminals, right? Well … right.


background check bad date


Why you should run a background check on a prospective love interest

There have been millions of bad dates throughout modern history. Many consist of people simply not gelling. Some have been due to unfortunate incidents muffing things up. And others … well, they’ve been ruined because one of the daters is a straight out criminal.

A recent story in the news told of one woman on a date who excused herself during the meal to go to the restroom. When she returned to her table, she found that her date ditched her. But he didn’t just leave her with the bill, he took her purse, stole money from the ATM, and went on a shopping spree with her credit cards.

Things could have been worse. There have been countless tales of women being sexually assaulted on dates. And just as many of them being murdered. But things go the other way as well. Men are targeted by females too. They’ve been robbed, assaulted, and killed more often than you would think. Good relationships are hard to come by.


background check bad date


That’s why everyone should run a complete background check on a prospective love interest before even leaving the home. A quality background check service can tell you if a person has any criminal records, court records, mugshots, gun permits, alternate addresses, aliases, and more.

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