8 Things To Do Before Adopting A Pet

8 Things To Do Before Adopting A Pet | Hero Searches Grapevine

Are you and your family looking to adopt a new pet? Whether you’re getting a horse, dog or cat, you’ll need to know what to do before you bring adopt a furry friend from a shelter, breeder, or individual.

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Here are 8 things to do before adopting a pet:


1. Reflect on how well you can take care of him/her.

Before you even worry about the adoption process, consider your budget, schedule, and how dedicated you’ll be to care-taking. Remember, you will have to commit the time to house train your pet. Don’t be selfish… make sure you can give your new family member the greatest life possible!

2. Perform a background check on the current owner.

If you plan to adopt privately, it is important to do your research on the person. If he/she has a criminal background, like a violent crime, the animal may have been mistreated or abused (which is something to prepare for).

3. Look up reviews for the shelter or pet shop to make sure they have good ratings.

…for similar reasons listed under #2. You want to make sure the local shelter, adoption center, or store that you’re getting your furbaby from is legit. Plus, it’s nice to support shelters that truly care for their animals and the community!

4. Search for reliable breeders.

If you want to go the breeder route, don’t just trust anybody! Find the right source by browsing through trusted directories. Often, breeders lie about an animal’s breed or origin just to get a few extra bucks.

5. Ensure your potential pet has up-to-date vaccines, medical records, paperwork, etc.

If this information isn’t freely handed to you, be sure to ask for it. You need to know the medical history of the animal you’re adopting so you can best take care of him/her. And, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into if the animal has medical issues.

6. Research the breed of animal and see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

This includes typical personality traits, level of maintenance required, training, medical responsibilities, etc. Even if you do this, it doesn’t guarantee that the pet will have those typical characteristics.

7. Prepare your home with the essentials.

Food and water bowls, beds, food, cleaning, grooming, first-aid supplies, litter box(es) and litter, and toys are just a few things you’ll need. It’s better to prep your home in-advance so your pet will feel right at home from the get go.

8. Create ID tags, or consider investing in a microchip.

From the moment you take home your new pet, you’ll want to make sure he/she is safe and sound. Have ID tags with your contact information created beforehand or look into the benefits of microchipping. For example, newly adopted young dogs have a tendency to run away as they are not trained yet and are still adjusting to their new home.

Prepare for adopting a pet by following these 8 steps. Welcome home your new furry family member with no worries!

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