7 Traveling Tips for the Independent Woman

Be sure to use a reverse phone number search while you're visiting a new place.

Best friends Maria Coni and Marina Menegazzo set out for the trip of a lifetime. They had been planning a getaway of their own since they were little girls, but unfortunately, their first trip would also be their last.

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The Argentinian friends, aged 22 and 21 respectively, had set out to backpack through the Ecuadorian coastline. Shortly after their adventure began, the two girls ran out of money. They turned to the friend of a friend, who allowed them to lodge with him temporarily. However, after a night of drinking, he tried to touch one of the girls. When she resisted, he struck her in the head with a bat, killing her instantly. Her friend would ultimately share the same fate.

Their bodies were discovered by Ecuadorian officials a few days later. They had been sexually assaulted and dumped in plastic bags.

There’s Good and Bad in Every Situation

Although there are plenty of horror stories about women traveling the world, there are also plenty of success stories full of fun, love, and adventure. To ensure that your trip is one to remember, follow the 7 tips below.

  1. Research your destination thoroughly before you arrive. Before you take flight, it is imperative that you study up on the region you plan on visiting, especially if you are traveling alone. Be sure to check all travel advisories and study up on local culture.
  2. Keep your friends and family informed. Always stay in contact. No matter where you travel to, you must always stay in contact with your loved ones. Let them know where you are going and what exactly you plan on doing as often as possible. It is also a great idea to let them know about any people you meet, whether they be locals or fellow travelers. They might run a reverse phone number search on your behalf.
  3. Be smart when taking photos of all of your travels. With the growing need to post on social media, chances are you will be taking tons of pictures of all of the landmarks you see. You’ll probably also want to be in many of those pictures—so who better to take them than a bystander? When asking someone to take your picture, be sure to find someone who appears friendly. A parent with kids usually fits the bill. If you get a bad vibe about someone just by looking at them, then you better ask someone else.
    Remember to only approach strangers that aren't shady.
    Be safe when asking strangers to take photos for you.
  4. Make sure you always have enough money. You never want to run out of money and end up with no place to stay, or food to eat. Don’t take the chance of having to rely on strangers for their hospitality.
  5. Run a reverse phone lookup on any traveling companions you meet. You will probably end up meeting other travelers or befriending some of the locals. You may decide to travel together to visit a secret beach or have dinner at a local hot spot. If they give you their phone number, it’s a good idea to run that number through a reverse phone number search and see if their name and story checks out.
  6. Always have fun, but keep the drinking to a minimum. Too much alcohol can distort your senses and lead you down a bad path. Always be aware of your surroundings, especially if someone’s trying to get you to drink more than you can handle.
  7. Run a quick people search on any fellow travelers or individuals who offer you a place to stay. Some people may have a hidden agenda. If they seem overly friendly or suspicious, a reverse phone number search can help you know all about them and their past.


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