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6 Steps For How To Prepare For A Job Interview

6 Steps For How To Prepare For A Job Interview | Grapevine

So, you’ve officially earned yourself a job interview. Congratulations!

…now what?

Run a background check on anyone in minutes


If you’re hoping to win over your potential future employers and score the position, you’ll have to prepare accordingly. Here’s how to prepare for a job interview and increase your odds of landing that new career:


1. Do your homework and conduct some research.


Familiarize yourself with the company’s history, products/services, values, etc. In addition to this information, try performing an online background check on the owner(s) or employees to be sure you’ll be meeting (and potentially working) with reliable people. You may even want to search through a public records directory see who has worked for the company in the past.



2. Explore the company’s websites, blogs, and social media platforms.


Browsing these digital resources is an easy way to help you gain a better idea of the brand culture you’ll be walking into. This will also enable you to discuss your findings and share valuable input, including what you can bring to the table and do to improve their current efforts.



3. Prepare your paperwork.


Print out your resume, portfolio, work samples, and other relevant documents. Be sure to bring extra copies, just in case your interviewer is not the hiring manager and plans to share your work with others.



4. Practice, practice, practice.


If you’re somebody who gets anxious about interviews or speaking to new people, ask a friend or family member to run a trial interview with you. To better prepare, see if people have shared questions they were asked during interviews for similar positions. There are several websites available, such as Glassdoor, with this information that will help you gauge the experience you might have.



5. Choose an appropriate outfit.


You’ll want to wear something presentable and professional. If you don’t currently have something in your wardrobe, consider purchasing new clothes. Remember that it’s always better to overdress than underdress!



6. Leave early and arrive ahead of time.


Don’t just be ON time — be ahead of it. Set yourself up for a great first impression and prove yourself to be a responsible candidate by being timely. Leave yourself plenty of wiggle room for unexpected traffic delays or hiccups along the way.



Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a successful job interview.


Good luck!



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