5 Ways To Not Get Catfished


It feels like just yesterday the world watched the documentary Catfish and was in awe of the story. People started questioning their own online relationships and others discovered that their online relationships were fake. Now it has been 7 seasons and the show is still going strong. Unfortunately, people are still being catfished and not everyone gets to be on the show. So, if you’re curious if your relationship is the real deal, here are some tips to help you figure it out.

1. Ask To FaceTime Or Skype

With today’s technology, there’s no reason a person can’t find a way to see you face to face. If the two of you are having great chemistry and talking non-stop, then do a video call. A Facetime or Skype session should be fun and if that goes well, will help make meeting in person less intimidating. If the other person is unwilling to do that, this should be a huge red flag. This goes to show you that they have something to hide, like their name or appearance.

2. Dig Into Their Facebook

Dig into their Facebook and see what their life is like. See who their friends are and what type of pictures they post. If they are tagging friends in photos and interacting with them in the comments, that’s a good sign. Some people don’t post that much on Facebook but there should be at least a couple of pictures of them with friends. Or photos that they have been tagged in. Also, look to see if their profile picture is a stock image or if they have duplicate accounts on Facebook.

These Are Clearly Fake Accounts On Facebook

3. Check Search Engines

If Facebook or other social profiles don’t tell you a lot, then it’s time to do a reverse phone search and check search engines. Google will tell you some information but the paid websites will tell you everything. Typically, they are very affordable and I’d personally rather spend a dollar or two than waste my time.  These sites will tell you names, numbers, addresses, emails, social sites and even criminal records of the person you’re searching. In one easy search, you can have all of your answers.

4. Use Spy Apps

Some people may think this option is extreme but it is very simple to get a spy app on someone’s phone. And in some cases, you don’t even need the phone in-hand. You can search who that person is texting and make sure people are addressing them by the same name on their profile. If they text their mom or dad and have real pictures of themselves, they are probably legitimate. Apps like PhoneSpector are ideal for this situation and are very affordable. It’s definitely worth a try before going on your date. 

Catfish The TV Show

5. Meet In Person

After doing all of these steps, if your online partner does not want to meet you, then it’s not a relationship. And you’re probably being catfished. Someone interested in pursuing a real relationship outside of the online world, you will meet in person. So if they won’t meet, cut ties immediately! You will have so many relationships in your life, and this is just one of them. Move on to someone that will meet you halfway, in person that is.

Meeting people online is not only easier than meeting in person but is more comfortable. This is why online dating is so popular, especially with the new Tinder U app. Initially dating someone online is a not bad thing but make sure you meet them ASAP. The more time you waste on someone, the more at risk you are of being catfished. I know it is hard to talk to people you are attracted to and make a good first impression, but to have a real relationship, you must meet.

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