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5 Videos To Record That Will Engage Your Brand Audience

5 Videos To Record That Will Engage Your Brand Audience | Hero Searches Grapevine

Are you looking for a new way to market your business and reach your brand audience? If you have a social media following and access to a camera or smartphone, then you’re already on your way to creating your next post!

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Here are 5 videos any brand can record and share on their social profiles to boost brand recognition:


1. Tutorial

Does your company know how to do something that the average person doesn’t? Whether it’s making your restaurant’s world famous dish or showing how to do a background checkfilm a tutorial and teach your audience what they need to know!


2. Informational

What does your brand have to offer that others don’t? What can you do that other companies can’t? Tape a brief informational video to explain why your brand audience should start (or continue) utilizing your services.


3. Behind-the-scenes

Show your clients what goes on behind the scenes. Give them a tour of your office or warehouse and interview your employees — let them see who’s really behind the brand!


4. Company culture

If your company culture is worth sharing with the world, then what are you waiting for? Celebrate your uniqueness! Post a video to social media that shows everybody what your business is all about.


5. Event coverage

Hosting a party or conference any time soon? Cover the event on Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat to give access to those who can’t attend. Be sure to find an employee who won’t mind recording their opinion of how the day/night is going, and post their feedback on one of your social channels.  


These are just five types of videos your brand can shoot and share on social media to engage your audience!


If you want to learn more about what someone else is doing on social media, be sure to take a look at this article. What does your company do to boost its audience engagement? Have you ever created one of these videos in the past? How did it work? Tell us in the comment section below!


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