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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Snapchat Skills

5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Snapchat Skills | Grapevine - Hero Searches

Snapchat is taking over the world, one dog filter selfie at a time.

However, using one of the many available face-changing filters isn’t the only component of an entertaining Snap story. Here are 5 simple ways to improve your Snapchat skills and keep viewers coming back for more:

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1. Keep snaps short.

When deciding how long your photo should last, don’t make them too long. No one needs or wants to see your cup of hot chocolate for a full 10 seconds. 3-5 seconds should be plenty of time for viewers to both see your photo and read your caption.

2. Increase your followers, view count, and Snap score.

There are a few ways to go about this. You can search for people by going to the “Add Friends” feature and exploring the different options, like adding by username, Snapcode, or even people nearby. Follow people you already know by clicking on the “Add from Contacts” tab. These are the ones who will most likely follow you back, resulting in an increase in views on your snaps as well as a higher Snap score.

3. Don’t overload the feed.

Nobody wants to watch a 200-second Snap story unless you’re traveling somewhere beautiful or doing something insanely interesting — and even if that’s the case, get off your phone and go enjoy the experience! Keep followers interested in a short amount of time or they might skip your story next time.

4. Draw with more colors than the standard ROYGBIV options.

Sick of using the same old boring colors when creating a visual masterpiece? Want to use black or white for a change? Tap the color palette and drag your finger across the screen to access different colors and shades.

5. Use more than one filter at the same time.

Yes, you read that right.

Here’s a little-known tip to add not only a color filter, but a timestamp or geofilter simultaneously: Choose the one you want, then hold your finger down and continue swiping left or right. The first filter you picked should still be there, giving you the chance to add another on top of it.


You’re welcome.


It’s as simple as that!

Next time you start up Snapchat and are wondering how to create the ultimate story with awesome photos, use these tips and you’ll be sure to entertain your followers. For more ways to use social media and how it can even help you catch your spouse cheating, check out this post.

Happy snapping!


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