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5 Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You (And How To Find Out)

5 Signs Your Significant Other Is Cheating On You (And How To Find Out) | Grapevine | Hero Searches

Has your significant other been acting suspicious lately? Do you have a gut feeling that he or she may actually be cheating on you? More often than not, that gut feeling isn’t wrong. It’s your intuition telling you that something’s not right—and it’s time to figure out what’s really going on so you can stop stressing once and for all.

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5 signs your significant other is cheating on you:

1. He/she has suddenly become extremely defensive and argumentative.

Is your boo getting angry over little things lately? Fighting with you when there’s no need? Getting defensive over nothing?

It’s a proven fact that keeping secrets bottled up promotes anger and creates irrational insecurities. This change could arise from stress—or maybe he/she has a guilty conscience and is taking it out on you.

2. He/she has been acting more private, including hiding his/her cell phone from you.

Have you recently noticed that your significant other’s phone is always face down on the table or out of sight completely? Does he/she check who texted or called before putting their phone out in the open for you to see?

If he/she has nothing to hide, then there’s no need to shy away when their phone goes off. Consider using a cell phone lookup to see what’s really happening behind your back. Here’s how to learn more about other ways to catch a cheater.

3. His/her behavior has drastically (negatively) changed.

Your boyfriend/girlfriend has been open, honest, and calm about everything throughout your entire relationship, but now he/she is acting different… Maybe they started lying or have become secretive, overly sensitive, easily frustrated, or anxious.

If any of this sounds familiar, chances are something’s up. If he or she won’t speak about what’s “bothering” them, it’s time to figure out what’s causing this change in behavior.

4. He/she values his/her distance more than usual lately.

You and your significant other have been inseparable for as long as you can remember. You regularly kept in touch, slept over every weekend, and spent weeknights together grabbing dinner or watching movies. Now, you’re seeing less and less of each other. You don’t hear from him or her throughout the day. You rarely make plans or stay over throughout the week. And he/she is always “busy” for some reason.

So, what’s the deal? You don’t know, but what you should know is that a sudden and increased craving for distance is one of the leading signs of cheating—and you should look into ASAP.

5. He/she receives texts and disappears at strange hours.

Who is that one person who keeps texting your significant other late at night, and what do they want?

Find the phone number of that person and discover who they are instantly with a quick reverse directory search.


Discover the whole truth with Kiwi Searches.

If you notice your significant other exhibits most—or all—of the aforementioned signs, chances are high that he or she is cheating on you. Stop stressing and get to the bottom of things NOW!

Conduct the best people search available online with and find out what’s going on behind the scenes that’s been causing your significant other to act so different.

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