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5 Key Tips For Surviving College Parties

5 Key Tips For Surviving College Parties | Hero Searches Grapevine

College is hard work, so by the time the weekend (or Thursday) comes around, students are ready to go out and party! Whether it’s at your friend’s dorm room, a frat party, or a house, you need to be safe while you’re having fun.

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Here are 5 key tips for surviving college parties:


1. Surround yourself with good people.

Go with good people, stay with good people, and leave with good people. This way, you’ll be sure to avoid hanging out with the wrong crowd and you’ll increase your chances of having the best time possible.


2. Do a residential address search if you’re going to a house party.

As soon as you get the address of where you’re supposed to go, run it through a public records directory. You’ll find out if the house is in a secure neighborhood… or if it’s a fake address!


3. Before you text that hottie who gave you their number, do a reverse cell phone number checker.

Make sure they’re not a creep or don’t have bad intentions. Input their number into a quick reverse phone lookup and find out if they have a seedy past or criminal background in the blink of an eye.


4. Know your limits.

Knowing your boundaries and staying within them is key to surviving any party or event. Get your own drinks, keep them close by, and don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing.


5. Have a DD or reliable ride home.

Whether you have to call an Uber, designate a sober driver, or stay the night, do what you have to do to get home okay! DO NOT drink and drive or get in the car with somebody who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.


Have an awesome time at all of your college parties, but most importantly, remember to be safe!


Do you have any other tips to add to this list? Let us know below!


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