5 Best Places to Celebrate National Tequila Day in NYC

Tequila lovers rejoice! National Tequila Day is coming up this Tuesday, July 24th. Before we get ready for that much needed afternoon drink, let’s find out what tequila is actually made of. What makes tequila taste like, well, tequila is the blue agave plant. The best tequila drinks have 100% blue agave like Patron. Even though Tequila Day winds up on a Tuesday this year, party like it’s a Friday. Go out with a friend or a co-worker and celebrate the day with some shots!

Here are the best places in the NYC area to get tequila shots for National Tequila Day.  

1. Boulton And Watt – East Village, NYC

National Tequila Day
You Can Definitely Find Tequila In NYC

If you’re able to travel to New York City, there will be some great deals for National Tequila Day. Boulton And Watt is known for great food and drinks in a welcoming atmosphere. Their bar has industrial accents with wood walls and furniture. Creating the perfect night time venue for drinking tequila shots. For this upcoming holiday, they are offering $7 shots of Altos tequila and $10 Mexican Revolvers. These specials start at noon and last for the rest of the day. So, you can start drinking at lunch to celebrate the day.

2. Del Fuego East – Long Island, NY

National Tequila Day
Tex-Mex Food & Tequila

This Tex-Mex inspired restaurant, located on Long Island, was voted the “Best Tex Mex” by Long Island Press. All of their Mexican dishes are made in-house and are delicious. The restaurant is having an event specifically for National Tequila Day. Del Fuego is offering a variety of tequilas and margaritas. Let’s not forget that this happens to fall on a Tuesday. Making this the most epic Taco Tuesday Day of the year. Nothing tastes better than tacos and tequilas. I can attest to that!

3. Park Avenue Tavern – Murray Hill, NYC

National Tequila Day
Drink In The Famous Barrel Room

Park Avenue Tavern is a retro-style restaurant with a famous Barrel Room for drinking. The tavern will be hosting an event with a tequila brand for National Tequila Day. Although the brand name hasn’t been announced, it’s sure to be a fun night. This festive event will take place in the Barrel Room in the basement. Because who doesn’t want to drink tequila in a basement? To access this event you must purchase the $30 tickets on their ticket buying website. You cannot enter the event without it. 

4. On The Border – Long Island, NY

National Tequila Day
Get $2 Classic ‘Ritas

This Mexican Grill & Cantina restaurant is having tons of deals for this year’s event. In fact, they are starting two days early for the event. On The Border will be celebrating July 22-24 at their restaurants. Starting with $2 Classic ‘Ritas this is sure to be a party. What tequila do they have? Well, for starters Hornitos for $3, Altos for $4, and Patron for $5. Besides alcohol, you can listen to DJ Boogie Butt who will be playing between 7:30 and 11:00 pm that night.

5. Drexler’s – East Village, NYC

National Tequila Day
Celebrate Taco Tuesday & Tequila Day

Another great spot in East Village is Drexler’s. For some really amazing deals on alcohol and food, I suggest stopping here. This is a good option for drinking and dining on a budget. They are offering Milagro tequila and huge discounts on tacos. Their promotions include 1 taco for $3 and 2 tacos for $5. Of course, they will have a DJ to accompany all the drinking and taco eating. If you can get there before 7 pm for happy hour, there are $7 cocktails and $5 wines. 

Have a great National Tequila Day, but please remember to drink responsibly! Which venue will you celebrate this momentous occasion? Let us know what you’ll be up to in the comments below. 

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