4 Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Holidays

4 Thoughtful Last Minute Gift Ideas For The Holidays | Grapevine

Did you wait until the the last minute and now you’re stuck without a present for somebody? Don’t worry! You can still get something just in time to exchange at your holiday party.

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Check out these four thoughtful last minute gift ideas:


1. Get crafty with a DIY project.

Something homemade that comes from the heart (and hands) can be the most thoughtful gift of all. A quick Google or Pinterest search will come up with thousands of results for seasonal DIY projects. Think of something they might like or want, and craft away!


2. Purchase decor for his/her home.

Deck the halls with wall art or a special picture frame. You can also light up their home with some yummy smelling candles.


3. Sign him/her up for a monthly product or service subscription.

A subscription to a product or service is a unique idea because your friend or family member may not think to purchase it for him/herself. Depending on the person’s interests, this can range from something simple and sweet, like an assorted snack box, to something out of the ordinary, like a reverse phone number lookup service. Other more common options include magazines, exotic cigars, or makeup products.


4. Bake their favorite food or buy their favorite drink.

This present certainly won’t go to waste! Find her a nice bottle of wine, get him a pack of his favorite beer, or create a goodie bag full of delicious treats. Then, wrap it nicely with a fancy bow on top.


Whether it’s a bottle of champagne, a candle set, or something homemade, there are plenty of last minute gift ideas to choose from!


And the best part? Although you waited until the nick of time, you won’t need to stand on line in stores for too long (or maybe even not at all)!


What are you giving your loved ones this holiday season? Let us know in the comments below.



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