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4 Game Changing Rumors About The iPhone 8

4 Game Changing Rumors About The iPhone 8

It has yet to be a full year since the release of the iPhone 7. However, that hasn’t stopped anyone from wondering just what Apple has in store for us later this year. In particular, there have been numerous rumors about the iPhone 8. As usual, Apple will be introducing a variety of new products to their fall event. Everything from 4k enabled Apple TVs to the more powerful version of their iPhone 7 are expected to be announced. Fall is always an exciting time if you’re a fan of Apple, especially, as Apple celebrates the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. As part of this celebration, it seems likely that they will be announcing several new iPhone models, including the innovative iPhone 8.

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Since the start of 2017, rumors have been circulating about the features of the new iPhone 8. What design changes will be made? Will there be any new features we haven’t seen yet? When will it be released? As the months have gone by, the rumors have only grown. Now, thanks to this latest leak, it seems we are less than two weeks away from the official announcement of the iPhone 8. This latest leak revealed Apple’s plans to host a big event on September 12th. What better time to announce the most highly anticipated smartphone of the year? In preparation for the big reveal, lets take a look at the most highly anticipated rumors about the iPhone 8.

Edge To Edge OLED Display

Many credible sources have confirmed that the iPhone 8 will have an edge to edge display. This allows the entire front of the phone to act as the screen, leaving no excess space at the top or bottom of the phone. This ensures that you will have the largest display possible. As for the screen itself, it appears as though there will be multiple iPhone 8 models. The most expensive model will come with an OLED screen. Having an OLED screen allows the device to be thinner and consume less power, all while offering more realistic colors and a higher contrast ratio.

Glass Body

iPhone 4 cracked glass body
The glass body on the iPhone 4 was very fragile. Look for the glass body on the iPhone 8 to be much improved.

One of the most popular rumors about the iPhone 8 is that it will have an all glass body, reminiscent of the iPhone 4. While the glass body of the iPhone 4 was heavy and fragile, the iPhone 8’s new glass body will certainly be lighter and more sturdy due to recent advancements in glass technology. The body of each iPhone 8 model will be made from glass, but the frame may be a different story. Rumors have surfaced that the basic iPhone 8 model will have an aluminum frame. Meanwhile, the higher-end model will come with a stainless steel frame. All in all, it seems as though the decision to go back to the glass body was influenced by another (rumored) feature: wireless charging.

Wireless Charging

iPhone wireless charging
Wireless charging is one of the most anticipated features of the next gen iPhone.

One feature that many other smartphones (most notably Samsung’s recent Galaxy phones) have had over the iPhone is wireless charging. That is set to change with the release of the iPhone 8. Since the beginning, it has been rumored to have wireless charging capabilities. Just about every rumor and leaked document has referenced wireless charging in someway. Out of all the features on this list, this one is almost certain to make it into the final product.

Over the years, Apple has made some pretty controversial decisions when it comes to charging their devices. They have stayed away from the universally accepted standards for smartphone charging and instead require cables designed specifically for the iPhone. According to recent rumors about the iPhone 8, it appears as though Apple will be continuing this trend. A recent leak suggests that it will only accept a wireless charge from MFi (Made For iPhone) licensed charging pads.

Facial Recognition

iPhone locked screen
With the removal of the home button, Apple needs to find a new way to unlock the iPhone.

Facial recognition has been rumored to be on the iPhone 8 since its design leaked showing no physical home button. At first, people believed the home button was just being relocated to the back of the phone or to the side. However, as time went on, it became clear that the home button was no more. This left one of two options available for unlocking the iPhone 8: either facial recognition or digital finger print reading. Earlier this year, much of the focus was on the potential for the iPhone 8 to have a finger print reader embedded in the OLED screen. However, more recent leaks suggest that Apple has chosen to go with facial recognition instead.

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