4 Features For The Perfect Woman Cave

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You’ve heard of the man cave, right? Well, the ladies get their own hideaway, too, and it’s called the woman cave. You can include whatever you want in your getaway room, but we’ve found some of the most popular ideas for you. People search some names and find the best local deals at amazing prices!

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Here are 4 features for the perfect woman cave.


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Anything and everything that promotes relaxation.

The point of a lady cave is to escape from your daily stresses, including (but not limited to) work or your kids. Some ideas to buy include a comfortable couch, chairs you sink into, stylish throw pillows, soft blankets, a standalone hammock, and candles.

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Include your hobbies and interests.

Like yoga? Create a mini-studio. Love reading? Install a bookshelf. Enjoy painting? Set up a canvas. Gym buff? Bring in workout equipment.

No matter your interests or hobbies, be sure to include whatever you enjoy most. Find people on the internet selling these items or giving them away for free (just be sure to do a background screen online using their phone number/address to make sure it’s safe to meet them).

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Stock your bar and fridge with snacks and your favorite drinks.

An endless supply of wine, margaritas, ice cream, chocolate, chips, guac, and salsa all in one spot — why would you ever need to leave the house again? Except to re-stock, of course.

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Personalize your space with your favorite colors and decor.

Your lady cave should be tailored entirely to your preference. Colors, furniture, wall art, and gadgets should be designed according to what YOU like.

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Whatever you decide to include in your woman cave, make sure it’s the perfect place to relax and wind down!

Do you have a lady cave in your house? What’s in it? Let us know!


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