3 Struggles All Single Parents Can Relate To

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Single parenting can be rewarding but full of challenges, and we can’t all have a background check in our pocket to help us 24/7. Whether you’re a mother or father, there are several obstacles that you will face raising your child (or children) on your own.

Here are 3 struggles all single parents can relate to:

Finding a reliable sitter

Your neighbor’s teenage daughter is willing to help, but how do you know if she’s capable of watching your kids? Unless you have family members available to sit at the drop of a hat, finding a trustworthy sitter can be a difficult task.

No matter where you locate your potential hire, always perform an employment background check before you commit. This is necessary in order to make sure he/she has a positive track record and will take the utmost care of your child and house while you’re not around.

Monitoring your kid’s behavior

It can be extremely difficult keeping tabs on what you’re kids are doing, especially if you have weekend-only custody. Sick and tired of hounding them with phone calls or texts while they’re out with their friends? There are apps on the market you can install on their phone so you can see who they’re communicating with or where they are through mobile GPS location tracker. A reverse phone lookup also puts you in control of your teen’s cell phone so you can put a name to a number.

Taking care of yourself

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Balancing work, play, dating, and caring for your child(ren) leaves little room to take care of yourself. It’s important to find the time to work on your own mental, emotional, and physical health so you can take the best care of your little ones.

Finding help, keeping tabs on your children, and focusing on yourself are three of the main daily struggles that most single mothers and fathers endure.

Are you a single parent? How do you work through these challenges? Do you need a people lookup to help you co-parent? Let us know in the comments below!

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