10 Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party

Have you been invited to a few different holiday parties? You’re probably wondering how you can pull off a unique look for each one without appearing overdressed. Plus, you’ll need some stunning eye makeup to go with it. Whether you’re mingling with coworkers or spending time with family, here are some classy, versatile looks. They cover all of the hottest trends, from tulle skirts to velvet dresses.

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10 Versatile Holiday Party Outfits For 2017:


1. Red

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Red is a classic holiday color that never goes out of style. Turn an elegant red skirt into a statement piece by pairing it with a simple, white top.


2. Sequins

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Long sequin skirts are both fun and sophisticated. Add a subtle pop of color, and all eyes will be on you as soon as you walk in the room.


3. Polka dots

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


It’s not always easy to pull off polka dots, but it’s possible! Incorporate a polka dot skirt or scarf to add a playful flair to your look.


4. More sequins

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Sequins are always in around the holidays, and that’s not changing anytime soon. If you already have a skirt or a dress you want to wear, try a sequin top or blazer for a unique, festive outfit.


5. Tulle

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


What’s more festive than a tulle skirt? Pair it with a cozy sweater or scarf for an ensemble that’s both stylish and comfortable.


6. And even more sequins

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Turn black from gloomy to fancy by adding a gold sequin skirt to your outfit. This color combination is absolutely timeless.


7. Velvet

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Like many other trends from the 90’s, velvet’s coming back in a big way this year. It’s finally time to break out your wine velvet dress again and wear it with some modern accessories.


8. Stripes

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Don’t be afraid of stripes – just wear them with solid colors to create a cohesive, understated outfit. Red and white stripes are also cute for a candy cane-inspired look.


9. Plaid

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Keep it simple with an old holiday staple: plaid. Depending on the pattern, there are many different colors you can wear with it.


10. Green

Stylish Outfits For Any Holiday Party


Tired of red? Go for green instead. A long green skirt, complete with a black sweater and heels, exudes elegance.


Which one of these stunning trends is your favorite? Or have you already planned all of your holiday party outfits for 2017’s winter season? Share them with us – we’d love to see!


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