10 Reasons To Join A Sorority


When most people hear the word “sorority” they think of countless news stories about hazing and binge drinking. Or, they think of the “mean girls” and 100 other girls that look like Taylor Swift. Girls who will only let members join that are cool or pretty. There’s a reason that women like Betty White, Michelle Obama, Joan Rivers and Barbara Bush joined sororities in their college days; there are a lot of positives that come from taking on those Greek letters. Joining my sorority was one of the best decisions I ever made and I want to encourage young women to join for all of these good reasons:

1. A HUGE Network Of Friends

You’ll Make Plenty Of Friends

Even in the smallest sororities, by the time you graduate you have met at least 100 women who are just like you. The reason people are inducted into sororities is to find people to relate to, trust and love enough to call them a “sister.” Hence the phrase “sorority sister”, this bond really is a sisterhood. 

2. Not Just Friends, Best Friends

Lifelong Friendships Are Created

Because you and these girls are so similar and spend so much of your time together, it is rare that some of these friendships don’t last a lifetime. You can look back at all the fun times when you’re older. College is such an amazing experience that you will never forget who you spent it with. 

3. Sorority Parties

All The Sorority Parties

Ok, so parties aren’t always a positive (especially if you are under 21 *looks around nervously for moms*). BUT if you are someone who is shy and has a hard time meeting new people, your sorority will book out your weekend plans. And you know who usually loves sorority girls? Cute boys. Just be careful who you’re with, do a background check with Kiwi Searches

4. Alumnus

Making Connections Is So Important

The women that came before you and established the sorority can be some of the best people you meet. I’ve had middle-aged women run up to me in grocery stores while wearing my letters ECSTATIC to ask me questions. Just to see what their sorority is like today and if we still follow the traditions they started. I have also seen countless girls get jobs from Alumni directly or simply from being in Greek life.

5. Philanthropic Work 

Volunteer With Your Friends

Every sorority is required to take on a charity and dedicate a certain amount of hours a year to doing philanthropic work. At the very least, you will have some great resume material for when you graduate. But it feels great to be a part of something bigger and give to people in need.

6. Unlimited Network For ANYTHING

Missing A Book? Ask Your Sorority Sister

My sorority, at all times, had approximately 150 girls. So that means if you need something you will find someone who can help. There’s someone that has taken the same class as you and has a textbook you can take it instead of buying one. Or, my favorite, having closets full of clothes to choose from.

7. Emotional Support

Get Emotional Support From Friends

You think calling your best friend when you’re sad feels great? Try writing that your boyfriend just dumped you in a 100 girl group chat. You’ll get presents, alcohol, invitations for plans, hotter boy’s phone numbers… the support is endless. People forget that we call each other “sisters” for a reason. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you will have people who will catch you every time.

8. Amazing Instagram Posts

Have The Best Instagram Posts

If you’ve seen blog-worthy posts of girls having the time of their lives and strive for that kind of golden content just ask your sorority sisters to take a picture. They will click that photo button 50 times to get the perfect candid and at your best possible angle. Your friends at home will be jealous of your social media page. Not to mention, with over 100 sisters that are over 100 likes. Plus they give you the most self-esteem-boosting comments.

9. Improvement Of Art Skills

You’ll Create So Many Sorority Banners

I don’t care where you go to school or which sorority you join if you don’t know what puffy paint is you will soon. You will make banners, paint posters, decorate wine glasses… the creative gifts are endless. If you wear letters, I’m making you my group project partner because I know you’re creative.

10. Women Supporting Women

Women Supporting Women Is On The Rise

One of the biggest movements to date has been women shutting down sexist comments and women who tear down women for their benefit. Since the early 1900’s sororities have been preaching this very cause. Your sisters build you up and tear down any man who thinks he’s better than you. No matter what, your sorority sisters will support you for being who you are.

College Is Hard, Join A Sorority

Ultimately, the best part is that you aren’t alone during one of the hardest, yet most fun, times of your life. College is hard. Whether it’s your classes or the amount of growing up you are forced to do. If you don’t cry at least 10 times during college you’re a robot. Of course, you don’t need to join a sorority just to have friends but sororities provide you with a family and a big step towards your future. They also provide so much fun and happiness to distract you from the hard times. Also, Michelle Obama was a sorority girl and I think we can all agree she is one of the best women on earth.

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