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10 Graduation Caps That Nailed It

Graduation is coming and it’s time to get your graduation cap ready. Do you have the same flair that these students have? Have fun now and show off your style while you try to change the world – but always stay safe because future employers might run a background check on you!

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“Nevertheless, she persisted.” Thanks to Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell, it has become a popular 2017 feminist war cry. It also took on a life of its own after McConnell tried to silence Elizabeth Warren on the Senate floor.

“Thanks Mom and Dad and Starbucks.” Besides your own hard work, who really got you to this point? Shout out your appreciation to your parents, and the caffeine behemoth that you spent too many hours and too much money at!

“Never Grow Up.” So even though you’ve got that degree now, deep down inside you know that adulting isn’t exactly a blast. Show off your Peter Pan graduation cap and admit that you’ll always be a kid at heart.

“Game of Loans.” Here’s the perfect cap if you’re a fan of Jon Snow, and yes, you’ll be paying school loans for the next ten seasons.

“First in the Family Tree to Earn A College Degree.” It’s a huge deal if you’re the first in your family to earn a college degree. Make it known how proud you are! Bet your family tree is, too.

“Bye Felicia.” Although it was popular a few years ago, this saying is still the perfect “adios” to your college years. What was the origin of the saying? Ice Cube said the line in the 1995 flick Friday. The setup? Felicia wants to borrow a car and a joint but gets waved off by Ice Cube with a “Bye, Felicia.”

“Dream Big.” Let’s face it, now’s the time to follow your dreams before you get mired in responsibilities and a full-time job. Make it a priority!

background check

“The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.” Most grads are excited about putting the books behind them and starting their life adventure. Your optimism will be infectious!

“Hire Me/I Need A Job.” For many of us, four years of college meant loans. Loans = debt. Debt = need an income badly.

[Insert Your Initial Here] Give yourself a well-deserved high five by adding a simple monogram to your cap. After all, you’re the one who worked so hard, and you deserve all the praise!


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